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Nikki Corvette (US)

Nikki Corvette is one of the unsung heroines of the birth of pop-punk and a trailblazing female rock artist, mixing girl group harmonies and pop hooks with no-nonsense rock & roll years before Blondie made such things commercially viable. Born and raised in Detroit (though her family also spent time in New York City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles), Nikki developed a taste for Motor City rock & roll early on -- the first concerts she attended included gigs by Iggy & the Stooges and the MC5, and she was on hand to witness the latter band's final show. Nikki also became pals with the New York Dolls when they first played Detroit, and later joined them on the road (she claims David Johansen once helped her write a paper for her high-school Engl...

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Swedish garage rock band consisting of Lina and Magnus. Magnus has also been in The Blacks, The Karmen Riders, The Heartattacks and Handsome Stranglers. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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