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Zea started out as an indie guitar band, then became an electro punk duo and now it's basically just Arnold de Boer, armed with synthesizers or just an acoustic guitar. Zea has had many different shapes and incarnations.

Arnold de Boer has been a key figure in the Amsterdam underground scene for many years. Since 2009 he is the frontman of the legendary The Ex.

Arnold de Boer was born in the northern Dutch province of Friesland, in the village of Makkum to be precise. But that was just his childhood. As an adult he was always based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and that's where he founded Zea: eclectric indie mono high energy guitar songs with urgent lyrics on punky beats and grimy bass lines, joyfully obstinate, w...

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King Ayisoba (GH)

King Ayisoba was born in 1974 in Bongo Soe, Bongo area, Upper East Region, Ghana, near Bolgatanga. He grew up in a small village and as a boy he always had his kologo with him whenever he took the family sheep and cattle out to graze. He played at markets, local bars and funerals until he was old enough to leave the region and try his songs on the people in big cities like Kumasi and Accra.

A useful musical collaboration started between him and the late Terry Bonchaka, a hip life artist from Accra. Bonchaka's early death was a big setback to King Ayisoba but linking up with recording engineer and music producer Panji Anoff turned his fortunes around. The work of the two resulted in a first cassette and cd in 2006 called “Mode...

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