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There is more than one artist with the name Freestyle:

1. Swedish synthpop group from the early 1980s

2. Electro artist Tony Butler

3. Filipino band

4. American MC from Arsonists.

5. Korean band - use this tag - 프리스타일

1. A Swedish synthpop group from the early 1980s. Their most popular hits were "Vill Ha Dig" and "Fantasi". Members: Tommy Ekman, Christer Sandelin, Gigi Hamilton, Joakim Hagleitner, Anders Uddberg and Diane Corinne Söderholm. When the group split up in 1983, Sandelin, Ekman and Hamilton formed Style. Freestyle briefly reunited in 1998, re-recording a few old songs.

2. One of the '80s electro artists, Miami-based producer Tony Butler recorded a st...

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