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Miriam Bryant

Miriam Melanie Bryant, Swedish singer and songwriter, born March 8, 1991 in Utby, Nylöse parish, Gothenburg and Bohus County, Sweden.

Miriam grew up in Gothenburg as youngest daughter of English father Roy and Finnish mother Oyti. She has three siblings, namely baby-bro Nicolas and older sisters Sarah and Elisa.

She started a early childhood music education to take voice lessons on choral singing in Brunnsbo Music Class Girls Choir, Gothenburg.

After leaving primary school, she studied music theatre at the secondary level on the Music Theatre School in Bjärnum, Hässleholm.

Miriam has commenced songwriting in partnership with childhood friend Victor Rådströmin in November 2011. Four months lat...

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1. Stockholmsrapparen Stor är nu 21 år gammal, men har redan varit en del av den Svenska hiphopscenen i hela 10 år. Tidigare som en del av gruppen Vendetta och nu som soloartists under Salazar/Latin Kings brödernas Salla, Chepe och Masses beskyddande vingar. Som en del av Södertörnsbaserade kollektivet Ayla är han nu redo att spotta till sig en del av den Svenska hiphopkakan. Under hösten är han aktuell med den nya singeln Stockholmsnatt ft. Danjah & Adam Tensta samt ett mixtape med samma namn. Allt detta presenterat av Respect My Hustles nya projekt My Best Friend Is My Grind där även Cakeboy och J-Son är en del.

2) STOR - Czech death ambient / industrial / power electronics / noise proje...

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Räfven comes from Gothenburg, Sweden, and started as a street performance band in the summer of 2003. Either on stage or in the streets they capture their audience with their intense music and a sense of presence that demands you to stop and dance, laugh, sweat, shout and sing together with them. Their repertoire consists mainly of klezmer and folk music from Eastern Europe and Sweden, combined with their own material. Räfven don’t want to belong to any specific type of music; they will play anything as long as they find the core full of joy, melancholy, bitter-sweetness and life.
During the last four years they’ve been delivering their energy from stage, resulting in dance floors collapsing and full festival crowds following them i...

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