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Daniel Savio

The man who coined the name 'skweee' - Sweden’s Daniel Savio a.k.a. Kool DJ Dust - was the first skweee DJ and its second producer. Daniel has been DJing since the mid-nineties and started much due to his love for hip hop music and culture.

Savio has been a major player in the European scene for elecronic music for a long while. Since his grammy award winning debut as part of the group Hundarna från söder in 2003, he has released a number of solo and group albums, remixes, and EPs. On the side, he has been an active DJ in Stockholm, Sweden, with multiple residencies and a constantly filled calendar.

His latest LP (2017) on Flora & Fauna, "Plejjern från Plejaderna", is a journey into the mind of Daniel; sometimes co...

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