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Crashdïet originally formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2000. Rifts and troubles in the band caused a breakup not long after.

In 2002, half of the band took on new members and the band was reformed.

They slowly built up a fan base with their shows. In 2004 they released their first single. This was followed by more singles, and being featured in TV commercials for mobile phone service provider "Tre".

In August of 2005 released their debut full-length album "Rest In Sleaze". The album made the top 10 in Sweden.

The band's success would be short-lived however. On January 20th of 2006, lead singer Dave Lepard was found dead, committed suicide, in his apartment in Uppsala, Sweden. After this, the rema...

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Lord Belial

Lord Belial is a swedish black metal group, formed in winter of 1992. They released their debut album Kiss The Goat in 1995; placing them among the pioneers of Swedish black metal. Their music could be described as melodic black metal, but they are incorporating swedish death metal influences. Lord Belial is one of a few swedish black metal bands who have stood against the winds of change since the early 90's. Their succesful releases have proved their position as one of the leaders in their genre. In January 2009, they stopped all their activities. The main reason for this is the hearing problem (tinnitus) that has grown into a quite big problem for their drummer Micke Backelin the last years. The other members in the band were not forc...

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Ölhävers (approx. "beer-downers") is a Swedish punk-rock band producing music in the lesser known Swedish sub-genre trallpunk (sing-along-punk), formed around 1989-90 (they themselves says in an interview with on-line zine Strebers that they cannot really recall exactly when).

The band consisted originally of four members who got together to write fun lyrics over a few cases of beer (they claim to easily drink 50 bottles each). At first the quintett distributed their music via cassettes to friends with ever-increasing demand forcing a professionally produced demo "Full och Arbetslös" (Pissed and Unemployed) in 1996, that were released on cd. Selling like hotcakes they recruited a bassist and a drummer, going on stage for the f...

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