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Master (US)

1) American pioneering death metal band.

Master is the most well-known project of bassist, vocalist, and songwriter Paul Speckmann. They were well known in the early extreme metal underground, being both one of the first death metal bands, and one of the most influential alongside Death in the emerging death metal scene. The band began in 1983, and still exists today, having released several albums with many different lineups.

Paul Speckmann started out as bass player in doom band War Cry, where he met up with drummer Bill Schmidt who was drafted in to replace previous War Cry drummer, Joe Laccino. Together, Speckmann and Schmidt decided to form a more aggressive metal band based around Motörhead, Venom, Slayer (US...

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Entrapment (NL)

Entrapment is an old school death metal band from Groningen, Netherlands. With (ex) members form bands like Massive Assault, Herder, god dethroned and autumn They are very influenced by the Swedish death metal scene; bands like Grave, Entombed, Carnage and Dismember. They have released 2 albums to this date, the latest one being 'Lamentations of the Flesh', released in 2014.

Also the name of a new progressive death metal band from Cork, Ireland.

And was a new york death metal band.

Also Death metal band from Franklinville, New Jersey (USA)
The band split up leaving behind just a promo and a demo.
there was a corpsepaint on the concert. Read more on . User-contributed text is avai...

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Usurpress is a death metal-band (of sorts) formed in Uppsala, Sweden, May 2010. The musical aim of founding members Stefan Pettersson (vocals), Påhl Sundström (guitar) and Calle Andersson (drums) was, and still is, to combine the bestiality of old death metal and the undying hate of true hardcore/punk. The band was later joined by renowned death metal-expert Daniel Ekeroth (bass). The members all come from different musical backgrounds but their common ground is the love and understanding for all kinds of dark and aggressive underground music.

Usurpress write short, aggressive songs based around wierd, dissonant death metal riffs and raw, primitive d-beat drumming. It has to be said right now that this eclectic mixture of styl...

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