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Maria Raducanu (RO)

Maria RADUCANU was born on the 3rd of November 1967, in Husi, Vaslui County, Romania.
She doesn't like cv-s and they don't like her either. Given the general confusion of ethical and cultural values of the contemporary world, she thinks it as being a measure of minimal protection (of the fragile step into Art) the rather skeptical attitude regarding labellings, "recommendations", "prize awarding festivals".
She considers herself a "simple" singer or, even better, A MOURNER OF THE BYZANTINE RITE.

An autodidact. She studied the violin and the guitar. And the French Literature at the A. I. Cuza University from Iasi and at the University of Bucharest. At the same time, between the 1984-1993, Maria Raducanu participated a...

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