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Club Nuggets

Jayke Orvis (US)

The next generation of "Roots Music Revivalists" are drawing inspiration from bands like Fear and on the other end of the spectrum, bands like Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys. This leaves a lot of middle ground to mold into something truly original. Jayke Orvis of Milwaukee Wisconsin is indeed a pioneer and a strong spoke in the wheel of the next generation of "Roots" musicians. He clearly represents his capabilities on his new album "It's All Been Said" Orvis has created an album that will warrant respect from Punks to Pickers.

A founding member of The .357 String Band, a current member of the Goddamn Gallows & one hell of an original talent, Jayke Orvis is ahead of his time even though he plays timeless music. The songs he ...

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James Hunnicutt (US)

James Hunnicutt is a singer/songwriter/musician & producer from the Pacific Northwest. His music has been described as a dynamic blend of American roots music and Beatles-esque pop.

Hunnicutt currently performs with James Hunnicutt & The Revolvers, Neutralboy and occasionally fills in on drums with Hard Money Saints. Hunnicutt cites his influences as everything from traditional country western and rockabilly to punk and death metal, and it shows. He has performed in many northwest bands throughout the last two decades including: The Swinos, Misery Seed, Woodrot, The Hatchetwounds, David Koresh Choir, and The Whorables.

As a producer, Hunnicutt engineers much of his own music and in 2006 produced the debut album (Mon...

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