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Papa Dee

Papa Dee is the stage name for rap, ragga and dancehall musician Daniel Wahlgren (born July 13, 1966 in Gothenburg, Sweden).

He debuted in 1988 with the single Funky Raggamuffin/Let the music play, a mixture of dancehall and hip hop. He then joined, and became the rapper for the group Stonefunkers, followed by a few years of cooperation with Rob'n'Raz. He went solo, and had his breakthrough in 1990 with the album Lettin' off steam, which was predominantly hip hop and dancehall. His next album, One Step Ahead, had elements of soul and reggae, mixing song and rap.

His 1994 release, Original Master, produced by Denniz Pop at Cheiron Studio, incorporated eurodisco into his music. This album included the track "The First...

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Daddy Boastin

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Dawg e Slaughter (TT)

If you have to know only one thing about Derek Pereira aka Mr. Slaughter (formerly Dawg E Slaughter), know that he is a Warrior.

Warrior - One who is engaged in or experienced in battle.

Born on May 28th 1976 life was never the easy road travelled for this San Juan Knight. Then known as "Dovie", he used music as a refuge from hardship --- a comfort in times of trouble. Coming from a family steeped in verse and rhyme (his father was a parang star), a young Slaughter turned to music at the age eleven. Music was to be his stronghold, a place inaccessible to any enemy.

He is a Combatant. Combatant - Engaging in armed strife.

Nothing is ever done by chance only by faith and it was not mere luck that...

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