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Eternal Erection (FI)

Eternal Erection ( is a Finnish funk band lead by Sam "Rick Lover" Huber (vocals, keyboard). They are known from energetic live gigs and their music has influences from Afro-American soul and funk, jazz, latin and techno. The band describes their music as "Finnish Forest Funk".

Other members of the band are guitarist Joakim "Ray Slick" Guthwert , bass player Pontus "Chanell" Gylling, drummer Hemu "Fifi" Häsänen, percussionist Ville "The Hook" Hukkinen, saxophonist Markus "Furillo" Holkko and trumpeter Tero "T-Roy" Saarti.

Eternal Erection has released five albums: Family Tree (1998), No Funk About It (2000), On Top (2005), the live album On Tour (2006) and Angels and Bandits (2009). Read m...

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Don Johnson Big Band (FI)

Don Johnson Big Band is a Finnish hip-hop/electronic band.

It consists of four people: Tommy Lindgren (vocals), Kari Saarilahti (drums, guitar, bass), Johannes Laiho (piano, synthesizer) and Pekka Mikkonen (sax, flute). Despite their name, they are not a big band and although they are quite often classified as hip-hop their unique sound combines hip-hop, electronic, jazz, soul, rock and pop. Among other things.

DJBB is described by many as a superb, energetic live act, but especially their recent albums tend to focus on slower songs that are quite thoughtful. They're usually balanced with some infectous party jams and other types of songs, but despite this their albums are quite cohesive.

The name "Don Jo...

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