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Lotta Wenglén

Lotta Wenglén was born in Malmoe in 1971 and started playing guitar and writing songs at an early age. She soon began making taperecordings with her older brother. When the two of them were introduced to a four channel portastudio it was pure heaven.

In her teens Lotta started her first band, but it wasn´t until the winter of 1995, when Lotta and two friends formed the band "ba-ba-loo", that things started to sound any good. They did some local gigs in Malmoe and then got the danish recordcompany Mega Records to record and release their album "Frosting- the american way" in 1998.

In 1999, Lotta and Uffe, the bassplayer from ba-ba-loo took in two new band members and changed their name to "bobby ray". The band did a ...

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