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Yamandu Costa (BR)

Yamandu Costa (Passo Fundo, January 24, 1980) is a Brazilian guitarist and composer. His main instrument is the "violão de 7 cordas", the Brazilian seven-stringed nylon guitar.

Yamandu began to study the guitar at seven years of age with his father, Algacir Costa, leader of the group Os Fronteiriços (The Frontiersmen) and mastered the instrument after studying under Lúcio Yanel, an Argentine virtuoso rooted in Brazil. At fifteen he studied the folk music of Southern Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

After hearing Radamés Gnattali, he began to study the music of other Brazilians, such as Baden Powell de Aquino, Tom Jobim and Raphael Rabello.

At seventeen he played in São Paulo for the first time at the Cultur...

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