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The Re-mains (AU)

“I was in Wagga Wagga - The City of Crows / Dying from scabies and a fucked up nose
Woke up / Gave the world the finger / Hit the road / Become a folk sin-ger”
(from Folk Singer Blues (M. Daley) on The Re-Mains album Thank You For Supporting Country Rock ‘n’ Roll and live on Love’s Last Stand)

With these lyrics, you can hear the renegade attitude driving The Re-Mains to the mantle of Australia’s hardest working Country Rock ‘n’ Roll band. Hell, they’re probably Australia’s hardest working band, period, with a relentless touring schedule that includes their annual August haul across the Northern Territory. The Re-Mains make music that aches for the dirt highways and the sounds crackling across the radio dial, playing...

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