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Brända Barn

Brända Barn (Burnt Children) was a Swedish post-punk band from Sundsvall, Sweden. The band was started by Anders Brodin in 1979, following the split of first-wave punk band Massmedia. They took their name from the novel with the same name by Stig Dagerman. The band chose to split in 1984 when Brodin got tired of the massive exposure the band received during and after the concerts. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Leif Karate

Total Tarmtömning

My Own Grave

My Own Grave was formed by Anders Haren (guitar), Max Bergman (bass) and John Henriksson (drums) in early April 2001. Very soon singer Ramin Farhadian joined the ranks and the debut demo "New path/Same path" was released in time for the first live performance in summer 2001. Later that year additional guitarist Stefan Kihlgren was recruited and "Dissection of a mind" was released in early 2002. This line-up produced yet another demo ("Blood and ashes" 2003) before it was decided that Ramin should be replaced by Mikael "Aron" Aronsson. The line-up change was a recharge for the band and the new material wrote itself. A fourth demo CD was recorded, like its two preceeders, at Studio Domsaga (Sundsvall) and given the title "Progression throu...

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The Technicolors