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Estrella Morente (ES)

Estrella Morente is a Spanish flamenco singer. Her father, Enrique Morente, is one of the greatest innovators of the 'cante', and they have collaborated on many projects. Her mother, Aurora, a dancer known as La Pelota, stems from a vast Madrid flamenco dynasty, together with her uncle Antonio Carbonell and her grandfather the guitarist Montoyita to whom she dedicated her 2001 album Mi cante y un poema.

Morente has given solo recitals in all the major Spanish cities, has worked with the Joaquín Cortés troupe, and was featured in the soundtracks for the films Sobreviviré and Buñuel y La mesa del Rey Salomón. She has also won an Ondas prize for the Best Flamenco Creation, and was nominated for a Grammy and two Amigo prizes.
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