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ColdTears are a Swedish band from Gothenburg.
Genre: Metalcore


Adam Gelotte - Drums
Gustav Alander - Vocals
David Johansson - Guitar
Marcus Dahlström - Bass
Ivar Anås - Guitar.

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Zero Illusions

Zero Illusions was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in the summer of 2004. It was the inevitable step when the hard rock band Pain and Passion, by that time consisting of singer Björn Asking, bass player Hans Johansson and drummer André Holmqvist was looking for a new sound and a new guitar player. When axe man Janne Lüthje showed up at the audition with his 7-stringed Jackson it all made perfect sense..

The combination of four band members listening and inspired by different bands, and the fact that all music of Zero Illusions is composed together at the rehearsal spot, opens up for an interesting result. Zero Illusions is influenced and inspired by thrash/metal/industrial bands like Nevermore and Rammstein via the more progress...

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Thrill Warriors

After the breaking up of her former band Mini (bass) started longing for the stage again and this time she would have liked it to be only chicks. She met Space cowboy (drums) on the bus home, a girl she knew from a previous band, and they decided to start something new.
Some time passed and nothing really heppened untill Mini's mom, who is a teacher, told her one day she had a pupil who plays guitar. So Mini called Fisten (guitar) up while she was a little busy with her boyfriend and things got a bit awkward but Mini didn't suspect a thing. (a little blonde-ness I sense?) Space Cowboy, Fisten and Mini started to play and Fisten was a bit sceptical towards the other's taste in music, Mini - obsessed with 80's rock/rock n roll and Sp...

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