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Music for Eno

Modern Fantazias

Rebekka Karijord

Rebekka Karijord was born in 1976, in Northern Norway (Lofoten). She lived with her mother during her whole childhood. She moved to new places 17 times before she had her birthday. Both her parents are artists.

Rebekka went to several musical/performance educations such as the Norwegian Musical Theatre, Academy of ballet and she also went to the Royal Academy of Acting in Stockholm. She has a Swedish family and after four years living in Stockholm she feels she has two homes, one in Sweden & one in Norway.

During her Theatre education she did a musical-dramatic monologue named "Rebekkas Saga", which contained of Bows, Percussion complemented with her music and text. This performance was performed 30 times in...

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Loney Dear

Emil Svanängen, plus connu sous le pseudonyme de Loney, Dear est un chanteur, auteur, compositeur et multi-instrumentiste suédois né le 29 mars 1979 à Jönköping.

Vers la fin des années 1990, Emil Svanängen, pianiste dans un trio de jazz, a envie de se mettre à chanter (« Il est très difficile de toucher les gens quand tu joues de la musique instrumentale »1). Il se met alors à écouter des albums de pop que ses amis lui prêtent - auparavant ses influences musicales étaient principalement orientées vers le jazz et le folk1. Au début des années 2000, il forme un nouveau groupe avec des musiciens de Jazz rencontrés à son école de musique de l'époque.

En 2003, Emil enregistre lui-même son premier album, The Year Of River...

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Birgit Bidder

Swedish artist Birgit Bidder managed to persuade a relative to take a loan for the money she needed to record her debut album. Shortly thereafter Birgit risked everything and traveled to southern Sweden where she recorded 11 of the first songs she ever wrote, live, in a rebuilt barn, together with her band and producer Jari Haapalainen (Camera Obscura, Ed Harcourt).

The result is THE LIFE HOME – an extraordinary epic orchestral pop album. Due for release in Sweden and UK late 2010.

Since then Birgit has started her own label Kerstin Records and opened for Loney Dear as well as other respected Swedish artists such as P3 Gold winners Deportees and Joel Alme. Birgit’s feature in the notorious Swedish hip-hopers Ison & ...

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