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Lillasyster (Swedish for "Little sister") is a band, formed in Göteborg, Sweden in 2006. The band was created when Martin Westerstrand started to write songs in Swedish for the first time, since the chorus of “Sug Min” with LOK was written the day before New Years' Eve of 2001. In the spring of 2006, he got enough and could not hold the words inside any longer. That's when the first song started to take shape.

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Another Day

More than one band share this name: 1. A hardcore band from Varna, Bulgaria. Another Day have an album titled "Who's To Blame" from 2001, as well as many appearances in various compilations. The second album is expected to be released some time in 2007. Check 'em out at: 2. Another Day was a new wave - synthpop band formed by David Ponak at the University Of Connecticut in 1983.

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Straight A's (US)

There are three artists by this name: 1) A hardcore punk band from Eksjö, Sweden formed in 2012. They released their debut EP in January 2013 called Oaklake which consisted of six songs with ranging styles from oldschool hardcore to punk to elements of skate punk and metalcore. 2) A noise band from Louisville, Kentucky. They released their debut 7" on Noise Pollution Records in April of 2009. Their feature length debut "Humility The Hard Way" was released by the same label in 2013.

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A War Within