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The debut album "Tingsek" from 29 year old Magnus Tingsek from Södra Sandby, a suburb of Lund and Malmö in southern Sweden, was released in Scandinavia in the summer of 2005. There have been rumblings from the Swedish indie sector about Magnus since he turned 20 when he got his first record deal with Ramblin Records in Lund - the neighbouring town of Malmö in the Swedish South. After having experienced first-hand the record industry's many ups and more downs over the last years - he has been working on his music - finely tuning a style that he can call his own. It all began in the town of Sodra Sandby where Magnus and his brother Anders (long time member of Christian Kjellvander's touring band) got access to the cellar at the local libra...

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Frida Sundemo

Martin Landsky (DE)

Being a hobby break-dancer back in the days was the first step for eleven year-old Martin Landsky to discover his passion for black dance music. Using the pause-key of his tape deck he started to create minimal loop tracks of early funk and rap classics for his performances on the street as well as in contests.

His interest in manipulating sound was unstoppable. Young Martin Landsky spent all his money to buy a second tape deck and a primitive mixer. After that he took his father’s pitchable turntable and "raped" his family‘s Bontempi organ to design rudimental megamixes of his favourite tracks.

Influenced by an older friend who was DJing as well, nightlife became more interesting for Martin, he started to spin at s...

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Hurricane Love


MOMOFOKO play dance floor rock, a somewhat funky variation of pop, an electro take on rock, a funky six-piece living drum machine. The music is never boring, and always filled with rhythm and energy.

MOMOFOKO is: Mårten Holst - Vocals • Victor Jonnyson Sjöstedt - Guitar/Synthesizer • Axel Hansson - Guitar/Synthesizer • Calle Tuvesson - Bass • Joakim Jensen - Percussion/Synthesizer • Jens Svensson - Drums Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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