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Create & Devastate

Dj Create had his international debut back in 2000. Together with Dj Whopper & Dj Amato (Host for Swedish radio show P3-Hiphop) Create represented Sweden in the Dj World Championships (DMC) in London. The team was called 4Wheel Drive. 4Wheel Drive didnt place among the top teams in the competition, and shortly after DMC the team broke up. After the break up with 4Wheel Drive Create started to focus more on producing music. During this time (2000) Create & Devastate had met a couple of times. Mainly at live hiphopshows in Copenhagen, and at local gigs in Sweden. But it should not be until 2003 before the duo was formed. The first collaborations between the two, was playing records live together. Create & Devastate spun wax at local spots ...

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