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Megatron (UK)

There are few bands named Megatron.

1)A soul/funk from Bellingham, Washington. Their current line-up consists of:
Paul Chandler - trumpet and EFX
Delvon Dumas - Hammond B3 Organ, Fender Rhodes, Honner Clav, Synths
Julian MacDonough - drums
They have so far released one album, I Believe In A Thing Called Soul. Volume 1
Reference: Band Website (MySpace)

2)hard rock band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their current line-up consists of:
Melissa Williams- Vocals
Brian Gresh- Guitar
Mark Stover- Bass
Tyler Hearn- Drums
Reference: Band Website (MySpace)

3)Electro Bass band from Hannover in Germany
Referance: Band Website (MySpace)

4)also an drum and bass m...

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