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J-town Festival



Joel Johansson

Jacqline Mossberg


Some may know of Samuel Bucht aka Teknian, the 17 year old talent from Sweden. Combining the styles of the dark gritty sound of Neurofunk and the deep sound of dubstep, Teknian is not afraid of experimenting.

Samuel started out with producing music back when he was 12 years old with the program FL Studio 6. FL Studio was the program he started with and that’s what he have been using until this day. He first encountered Drum & Bass music back in 2005 with the tune ‘Calyx & Teebee – Follow The Leader’, later on in 2007 he encountered Dubstep music with the tune ‘Africa’ by The Others.
Trying new things have helped him explore new ways of producing and he always try to come up with something new, a new tune never sound like ...

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