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There is more than one artist with this name:

1. Solaris was a Latvian post-rock/post-metal (previously proclaimed their style as avant-wave) band from Skrīveri / Rīga, Latvia that formed in 2005.

The band disbanded in 2009.

The last lineup:

Marko Rass - synthesizers, programming, vocals (currently 9Horizon, Dūmu Zārka Zēni, Eschatos);
Kristians Rezņikovs - guitars;
Toms Putniņš - guitars;
Dāvis Kleikalīdis - guitars;
Zintis Roznieks - bass;
Sandis Liass - drums, percussion.


Demo (2006)
Portraits Noires (2007)
The Truth Can Only be Learned by Marching Forward (2011)


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