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Petit Pays (FR)

Born in Doula, Cameroon on 5th June 1967, Adolphe Claude Moundi, alias Petit-Pays, developed a passion for music and dance from a very early age.
At the age of 14 he was performing at at school concerts, joining a choir to learn to perfect his vocal range.

This same desire to learn took him to France in 1985, where he endeavoured to study law. However, it was his love of music that pushed him forward towards a rewarding and successful career, which really took off in 1987, when he teamed up with the producer Eyabé Kwedi.

Petit Pays' active sound and skilful mixes of salsa, zouk, and makossa (a traditional music originating from the Douala region of Cameroon, with lyrics that are often quite steamy) pushed him...

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