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For over 16 years now TRICKBAG has amazed audiences all over Scandinavia, Europe & the US with their Energetic, Explosive Live-shows and 3 full length CDs all containing original songs. Nowadays Trickbag is regarded a top act on the Swedish Blues scene and is well known for being one of the best back-up bands in the business. The band has become the number 1 choice for numerous Blues artists when touring in Europe, such as: KID RAMOS (US), JOHN NÉMETH (US), BARRELHOUSE CHUCK (US), GENE TAYLOR (US), WEST WESTON (UK), "LITTLE GEORGE" SUEREF (UK), EGIDIO "JUKE" INGALA (ITA), KURT CRANDALL (US), MIKE BOURNE (US) etc. Trickbag has also shared stages with stars like: Kim Wilson, Jackie Payne, Kirk Fletcher, Earl Thomas, Sven Zetterberg etc etc...

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Emil & The Ecstatics

Stockholm based Emil & The Ecstatics is nowadays a well-known name on the european roots scene. After countless festivals, clubs, and three full-length albums, the band has proved to be a force to reckon with. Apart from the many great album reviews, The Ecstatics put a great effort in what they do best - live shows. This have been confirmed by many ecstatic audiences all over Europe. This, their third album “Bit By Bit”, consists of a number of original tunes in the midlands of blues & soul music without being to conservative for that matter. Take a trip to Hawaii in “The Hula” or perhaps a short visit to a 60´s horror screening in “The Spook”. Or what about a trip down “Highway 4”, Swedens own Chitlin Circuit?

Get ready for ...

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Cecilia Ringkvist

Howling Dale & the Hound Dogs