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Prong (CA)

Prong is a metal band from New York City, New York, US, formed in 1986. Prong had two independent releases, Primitive Origins and Force Fed. The albums attracted the attention of Epic Records, which signed the trio in 1989. The group disbanded in 1997 after the Rude Awakening tour, but re-formed in 2003. A pioneer of the urban scene, Prong is fronted by Tommy Victor.
Prong was founded in 1986 by singer/guitarist Tommy Victor (then a soundman at New York City's renowned CBGB's). With bassist Mike Kirkland (formely of NYHC band Damage and doorman at CBGB’s) and ex-Swans drummer Ted Parsons, Prong released two independent CDs that were noted for their brutal hardcore sound.

Epic Records saw the band's potential and signed t...

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Klogr (IT)

Band Members:
Rusty - Vox & Guitars
Nicola Briganti - Guitars
Todd Allen- Bass
Filippo De Pietri - Drums

The debut album, 'Till You Decay', can be described as a meeting point for alternative rock and alternative metal, where the somber and dark sounds blend together a rush of anger and resentment while still leaving room for melody and reaction.
A journey through what the eyes can see but the mind can not filter.
A journey through what a man can feel but can not accept.
The awareness of not being truly free but subject to the "emotional rules" imposed upon us.
The society around us controls us, judges us, affect us ...suffocates us.
A psychological massacre, the controlling parties...

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