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Scandinavian Country Festival



There are multiple artists with this name:

1. An alias used by the trance group known as “The Delta”. This side project (interestingly enough, The Delta was a side project to begin with) was created to focus on more downtempo music.
2. Fantasy/sci-fi-driven post-metal/sludge band from Belarus, Minsk.
3. Downhill are a 4 piece pop-punk band from Dublin/Wexford, Ireland.
Their name comes from the New Found Glory song, "All Downhill From Here."

The band released their debut EP in 2009 ''This is our Progress''.
There second EP, titled, "Recovery" featuring their new singer and bass player was released, for free, on Friday the 17th of September 2010.

With an edgy Californian punk feel mashe...

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Andreas Johansson