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With their first two albums “We Are Just Welcome As Holy Water In Satan’s Drink” and “Bursting Out Of Chucky’s Town” ...and the 3rd half studio, half live album “Original Scandinavian Superdudes”, PSYCHOPUNCH already managed to amaze press and fans alike. You cannot draw away your attention from ear candies like "Down In Flames", "Straightjacket Hell", "Goin' Crazy", "Who's Fucking Who" and ”Make Up Your Mind” etc. Raving reviews world wide were nothing but logical.

“The Pleasure Kill” (2002) became an early high in the band’s career, cementing the band’s status and preparing the scenario for things to come. Sleazy rockers like "Back In The Days", "Inhale" or the unique "Apocalypso" have grown to become true classics of the pu...

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