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Delorean (ES)

Along the white sands of Barcelona, a community of music makers have been combining the delirious house sounds of the sundazed club scene with the irresistible melodies of contemporary pop. At the forefront of this scene is Delorean, a Barcelona-via-Zarautz quartet whose uniquely Mediterranean sound has made them one of Spain’s most popular independent bands. Taking cues from Spain’s native Balearic beat, Madchester, house, techno, R&B and indie rock, Delorean carves out a sunny sweet spot between the stage and the dance floor.

Delorean formed in 2000, in the Basque coastal town of Zarautz, as the outlet for a group of teenagers wrapped up in their local punk scene. Eventually, though, bassist/singer Ekhi Lopetegi, drummer Igo...

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Sea Change

"Fresh on the scene, Sea Change is the alter-ego of Ellen A. W. Sunde. Creating chilling electronica-pop, previous comparisons have been drawn to the likes of Fever Ray and Lykke Li, with a sound similar to artists such as iamamiwhoami, MØ and Broods."

Her debut album „Breakage“ will be released February 23rd 2015.

Born in the south of Norway in the late 80s with a natural fascination for noise, improvisation music, tiny acoustic instruments and synth pop. She creates a beautiful loop-based sound that contains beats, vocal harmonies and 80s choruses with an own ability of making it magic and imysterious ambience. Still there is a wide range within her music. It can be massive, putting the lower frequencies of the...

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