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Human Flesh

Human Flesh was founded 1981 and is one of the many disguises of Alain Neffe, masterbrain behind the legendary Insane Music label from Belgium. It is not an existing group, merely a musical project around the person of A. Neffe. On the album he works with numerous like minded artists : Xavier S (Pseudo Code), Debbie Jaffe (Master/Slave Relationship), Benedict G aka Nadine Bal (Bene Gesserit), Guy De Bièvre, Daniel Malempré, Mirella Brunello.
The 35th Human Attempt was released on Insane Music (INS 27) in 1985.

Alain Neffe about the start of Human Flesh :

For years I used to play with several different musicians ... we were occasional members of a group with no name ... we used to play improvisations, the musica...

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Ænimus hail from the birthplace of Thrash and the legendary Circle Pit... the Bay Area in Northern California. Since their inception in late Summer 2010, the band has released a 3 song demo while writing their debut full length, had their song 'The Grasp of Ruin' featured in the video game 'Supremacy MMA,' premiered a 4th track entitled 'Inertia' via Heavy Blog is Heavy, and followed that up with a lyric video for 'Inertia' which they launched via their Official YouTube channel. They have also managed to secure several Gear Endorsements and Clothing Sponsorships along the way, and coupled with the cross promotion from those companies, Ænimus have used the web and social media to effectively market and promote themselves even further, bui...

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System Annihilated

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Formed In: 2011
Origins: Umeå, Sweden
Genre: Progressive Deathcore / Melodic Hardcore
Record Label: Discouraged Records

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Band Lineup
Christoffer Jonsson >> Vocals
Petter Adsten >> Guitar
Kalle Kjellberg >> Guitar
Joel Widengren Lundström >> Drums
Viktor Kröger >> Bass

Five-piece Death/Hardcore/Progressive metal band from Umeå, Sweden.
System Annihilated was formed in Sweden’s, or maybe the entire world’s, most innovative music town - Umeå. The band started out in 2009 at only 13 and 14 yearas of age, and has since then established their name in Umeå in particular and Sweden in ge...

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Starship Monolit