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Ed Harcourt (UK)

Ed Harcourt, born on August 14, 1977, is a British singer-songwriter from Lewes, East Sussex. Before he went solo, he played the bass and keyboards in a band called Snug.

Signed to Heavenly Recordings, he debuted in 2000 with the 6-track EP Maplewood. His full length effort, Here Be Monsters followed in 2001.

He has since released From Every Sphere (2003), Strangers (2004), The Beautiful Lie (2006, his last for Heavenly), Lustre (2010), Back Into The Woods (2013), Time Of Dust (2014), and Furnaces (2016).

His first instrument is the piano, but he also uses several less common keyboard instruments as well as the guitar. Live, he is accompanied by a band typically comprising a drummer, guitarist, violinist ...

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Catherine A.D. (UK)

Catherine A.D. is the musical moniker of Welsh multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Catherine Anne Davies. Her output to date consists of the three DIY EPs she’s been drip-dropping out into the world whilst finishing university, with a full length album due in 2013.

Inside of her music swirls simmerings of murderous gloom and honeyed drops of sensual darkness – the nocturnal wrench of ‘Long Day’; the cold-twinkling whirl of 'Carry Your Heart'. The EPs are bound in ribbons: blood-red, purple-black, black. This, though, is the year she goes Technicolor: Catherine has been recording stirring pop hooks, snarls of guitar, glimmers of keyboard and serrated vocal somersaults into her cauldron of midnight piano and treacly growling. S...

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