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Welle:Erdball (DE)

Welle:Erdball (often abbreviated as W:E) is a group from Germany often credited of being the pioneers of bitpop. The heavy use of the Commodore 64's SID sound chip makes their sound instantly recognizable. Their sound is reminiscent of the electronic pioneers Kraftwerk.

Welle:Erdball's front figure Honey (Dr. G. Linde) is also well known for his involvement in the C64 movement. Welle:Erdball made the music for the Commodore 64 game Metal Dust released by protovision. Welle:Erdball held a concert at the Amiga & Retro computing 2002 fair.

Honey is also active in the goth/synth band Homo Futura.

The name literally means "Wavelength:Earth", and in fact comes from a German radio play called "Hallo! Hier ist We...

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