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Clearview (BR)

1) Clearwiev is a Brazil hardcore / metalcore band

2)Clearview is a christian groove-metal band.

3)Clearview is also a Pop Punk band from Doylestown, PA.

October , 2002. Rick Nasty and “smooth” Dan, already bandmates by that time, wanted to do something different than the usual stuff going on the scene. Clearview was born , first as a project, than it gained all the strength needed to grow and paint it all red.

After 2 demos, Clearview became part of the "Voices 2" compilation, released by the brazilian label LIBERATION MUSIC COMPANY, ran by the local xeriff. The band started to play some local gigs, and opening acts for bands like Terror and Madball in their South American tours.

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There are at least 2 artist named "Shirokuma"

1) the original Shirokuma is an inventive multi-genre artist based in Manchester, England

2) an Emo / hardcore band from söderhamn, sweden.

1. Shirokuma is a inventive multi-genre artist based in Manchester, England who has been recording since 1999 and has released several critically well received albums including "Secret Moves At The Midnight Chess Club" (on Faith & Hope Records in 2005) and "Abandonware" in 2012 (Valentine Records) and a single "Moonlight In The Afternoon", which was blessed with Steve Lamacq's Single Of The Week on his BBC Radio 6 show in June 2005. Early demo CDs became regular faves of the BBC's legendary John Peel Show in 2001, and ...

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