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Hieroglyphic Being (US)

Eclectic Chicago producer Jamal Moss. Also records as The Sun God and IAMTHATIAM. Jamal is also a member of the following groups: Africans With Mainframes, Chicago Bad Boys, and I.B.M. (together with Steve Poindexter) and produced with collective The Dirty Criminals.

Jamal Moss' tracks recall a sort of wild experimentation, following his mentors: Chicago legends Adonis and Steve Poindexter, who are also involved in Moss' Chicago Based Label Mathematics Recordings. As its A&R, Jamal Moss dedicates himself to his search for rather unkown underground artists creating raw sound-sculpting - more or less - house sounds. About the label, he sais:
"Mathematics is the body of sound knowledge centered on such concepts as quantity...

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Lorenzo Senni (IT)

Lorenzo Senni (b. 1983) is a multidisciplinary artist and composer residing in milan. he studied musicology at alma mater studiorum university in bologna and he is author of electronic audio works. using different kind of real-time digital sound synthesis combined with old evergreen software from the seventies-eighties he spits out abstract streams of radical computer music. now he is involved in computer music studies and he is working on a long term project focused on "the evolution of the laser use in electronic music performances". his research interests include algorithmic methods in the arts. he has toured throughout europe, scandinavia and japan, collaborates with theatre companies as orthographe and pathosformel and supported con...

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