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NRBQ (the New Rhythm and Blues Quartet) are a rock/power pop band which formed in 1967 in Miami, Florida, United States. Since their formation, The Q have gained a large cult following despite limited commercial success.

They are well known for being a very versatile group; their style on a single album can range from jazz to blues to country to pop. Fans know and love them for their wacky quirkiness and unpredictability in concert.

NRBQ's 1994-2004 incarnation comprised of members Terry Adams (vocals, keyboards), Joey Spampinato (Bass), Tom Ardolino (drums), and Johnny Spampinato (Guitar). Past members include Al Anderson (1972-1994; Guitar), Tom Staley (1967-1974; drums), Steve Ferguson (1967-1971; Guitar), and F...

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