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Edo Maajka (BA)

Edo Maajka (born as Edin Osmić on December 22, 1978 in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a rapper from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Edin's stage name "Edo Maajka" means "Edo the Mother".

In 1992 when the Bosnian war started, Edo left his homeland Bosnia and went to Zagreb. After the war, Edo returned to Bosnia to study criminal law. He went to Tuzla and became a member of the hardcore rap group Diskord, later named Odbrana (Defence) [].

Edo's love is hip hop and rap and he first gained exposure on the radio station "Kameleon", which featured his first freestyle rap. He is still a big part of the station's "FM Jam" show. "FM Jam" gathered young talents to create the Bosnian rap group "Disciplinska Komisija"...

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