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Fucking Werewolf Asso

FUCKING WEREWOLF ASSO is a 8-bit post punk/synth punk band with 90s emo vocals created in 2008. They originated from Göteborg, Sweden. They were previously known as GO! WITH FOURTEEN O (and for a short period of time VS THE HELICOPTER).

Current Members:
Dennis Wedin - Vocals, Bass & Keyboard
Martin Svensson - Vocals, Drums & Effects
Peter Rasmusson - Vocals, Guitar & Keyboard Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Tiger Bell

Tiger Bell is just another pop-rockband from Stockholm, Sweden.

Or, to make it a little bit more interesting you could also describe their music as cheerleader-punk. Or as Daily Unsigned once said ”These girls keep it simple, they just bring the ruckus”.

Tiger Bell has been a band since September 2010. But there’s a lot of experience gathered in this group. Lisa, Lotta and Lovisa – all from the far north of Sweden – has been touring a whole lot with their former band Rewind. Together with Canan – former member of Satirnine and Fare You Well – they got hundreds of shows worth of experience.

In a year they wrote and recorded 13 demo-songs. For good, solid rock’n'roll with strong harmonies (as It’s A Trap de...

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The Shallows

There are three bands with the name The Shallows:

(1) The Shallows are an 11 piece folk/indie outfit from Perth, W.A.

Genre: Indie, Roots
Region: Perth, WA
Members: Adam Tatana- Vocals/guitar Hayley-Jane Ayres- Vocals/violin/tambourine Matt Parker- Keys/vocals Craig Childs- guitar/vocals Nick Vasey- guitar Garo Tanzi- drums James Rogers - Bass Sam Gillies- noise synth Rebecca Smith - Violin/Viola Belinda Porte- Cello Catherine Ashley - Harp James Cross- Trombone

Sounds Like: spiritualised, Sigur Ros, Arcade Fire

Influences: Broken Social Scene, spiritualised, Katie Noonan

Artist Website:

(2) A short-lived group from Christc...

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