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Zonaria is a melodic death metal band from Umeå, Sweden, formerly known as Seal Precious.

The band formed in 2001 by Simon Berglund, Christoffer Vikström, and Mikael Hammarberg, the band originally went under the name Seal Precious. Initially the band's style was power metal, with clean vocals. Several line-up changes prevented the band from recording, but after 2003, with the addition of second guitarist, Emil Nyström, and the band's name changed to Zonaria, they spent two years playing gigs in and around Umeå before recording and releasing Evolution Overdose in 2005.

In the spring of 2006, Zonaria recorded the CD single "Rendered in Vain" (and later shot a video for it). After that, Zonaria toured outside of Swede...

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Melodic Death Metal from Sweden (Östersund).


Marcus Edvardsson - Vocals, Guitars (ex-Chastisement, In Battle, Sanctification)
Jocke Wassberg - Bass (ex-Defaced Creation)
Hugo Nylander - Drums (ex-Denicalis, Djävulskap)

Former Members:

1998-2005 Nils Fjellström - Drums (ex-Aeon (Swe), Chastisement, In Battle, Odhinn, Sanctification, A*Teem , Dark Funeral)
1998-2007 Johan Klitkou - Vocals (Chastisement)
2007-2010 Arttu Malkki - Drums
2011-2013 Sverker Berggren - Drums


Daemon II DaemonDemo, 2002
Promo 2004Demo, 2004
First Row In HellDemo, 2005
Reborn 2007
Heaven's Gate 2011

Released their debute al...

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There are at least three bands with the name Marrow

1) A hardcore band from Tacoma/Seattle with ex members of Greyskull, Degania, and Taiga. So far they've released a tour demo and are featured in Comadre's Mixtape III

2) A gore metal band from Baltimore, MD. consisting of Ren-bludgeoned and bruised trachia.
Paul-guitar stringed auto-erotic asphyxiation.
Mike-reminiscent beating of a dying vascular organ.
Jeff-subtonal ear drum obliteration
Released "Of Slaughter And Slime" 7in under Dysphoria Distro and Horror Pain Gore Death Production

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