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Hellsongs is an acoustic three-piece that plays what people seem to describe as Lounge Metal. That means old metal classics performed with startlingly clear and crystalline female vocals, soft guitars and organ and two male choir-boys.

A cult hit online and on Scandinavian radio in the early 2000s. Harriet Ohlsson, Johan Bringhed, and Kalle Karlsson formed the group in the fall of 2004 and played their first show at a barn in rural Sweden. The group recorded three demo tracks by the time 2005 rolled around; the songs were picked up by Sveriges Riksradio's P3 (a Swedish national radio station similar to BBC 1 and CBC 3) for rotation on the heavy metal show Rundgång. Hellsongs released their debut EP, Lounge, the following year....

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Wasted Shells

Wasted Shells är ett modernt Thrash Metalband från Lund. Med nuvarande sättning har dem spelat sen 2010, och blivit kända som en fantastisk liveakt både p g a deras musik och deras energifyllda scenshow. I april i år släppte de sin första skiva The Debt som fick ett ett högt betyg i Sweden Rock Magazine. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Lsd on Cia (DK)

LSD on CIA is a Danish/Polish rock trio based in Copenhagen. The band has already blown a numerous amount of people away, with their pagan rock’n’roll and testosteronial live performances.

Besides the concerts, LSD on CIA recently wrote and performed the music for the highly awarded play, “Udsleth Hornsleth”, along several art openings in Copenhagen and London.

LSD on CIA won the 2011 Danish emergenza finals, followed by another victory at the Nordic finals in Stockholm. Afterwards, a well-deserved 2nd place was recovered at the world finals in Germany.

The time has now come for LSD on CIA to make the debut album everybody has been waiting for! The songs are ready, and the search for a suitable record ...

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