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Den Stora Vilan

Mud Walk

Maja Johansson


Several groups by this name:

1. A new hardcore side project from Pennsylvania with members of Cold World, War Hungry, RZL DZL and the Rival Mob, in the vein of Leeway.

2. Catalan jazz-fusion group composed of Santi Arisa (drums, ex-Fusioon), Rafael Escoté (bass, ex-Gotic) and former Iceberg members Max Sunyer (guitar) and Josep "Kitflus" Mas (keyboards). Nine albums to date, starting with 1982's Nuevos Encuentros.

3. PEGASUS - very rare electronic group from Germany (ambient, new-age, berlin school, traditional electronica). Based by two members Mark Hoffmann and Martin Limbach.
PEGASUS albums:

Lights Of The Universe (1991)
Individual Isolation (1993)Läs mer