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The Random Riots

The history of T.R.R began in winter 2004 by 4 guys who had a vision of playing rock n' roll. After a few months struggeling with covers of their favourite bands at Lokstallarna - Karlshamn, they finally started to write songs of their own. In spring 2005 they entered a studio and nailed them all on a record. At that time the former bassplayer - John Riot - decided to leave the quartet just a few weeks before their first gig. With a bit of panic dr. Danny Riot was hired to do what he does best - T.R.R mkII was formed. Since that day T.R.R has with their energy on stage been taking the audience by storm time after time at local clubs and festivals. January 20th, 2007 the band entered the studio once again to produce another hi-octane rock...

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