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We Are the Storm

We are the Storm was formed in the fall of 2008. Their self-titled debut EP was recorded in March 2009 and released in April. The EP was positively received all over the blogosphere (It's a trap, Indiepassion, allscandinavian, swedesplease, absolute noise, etc.).

The debut album, "To the North-Pole", was recorded in the summer of 2010. Galileo, the first single from the album, was released by A West Side Fabrication in March 2011.

"To the North-Pole" is released on May 11, 2011. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Felix Wickman

Forever's Gonna Start Tonight

The Upallnights

The Upallnights is a punk pop band from Stockholm, Sweden, who consist of Kristoffer Sundberg [Guitar & Vocals] Anders Wallner [Guitar & Vocals] Erik Dahlström [Drums] and Taivas Mikkola [Bass Guitar]. They formed in late 2006 and played their first show in May 2007. They have been accused of lack of focus when it comes to songwriting but are stubbornly defending themselves, justifying their adventures through different genres by trying to explain that they are only in it for the fun of it, saying that any band that make music for any other reason than to have fun should quit instantly. Or, as the grand master himself once said - "What you do first is the right thing, and just move on".

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