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Bleed from Within (UK)

Formed in the suburbs of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, Bleed From Within have always delivered a devastating mix of melody and brutality through their music. Songs that echo the personal experiences of band members, and others that relate to the current state of society, resonate with a loyal group of fans who have stood by the band through thick and thin.

Following their formation in 2005, and a self-released debut EP in 2007, Bleed From Within hit the road to expand their fanbase and prepare themselves for the process of writing their debut album, one that would help them stand out in a music scene that is often accused of being generic and repetitive.

The band eventually signed for Rising Records, which gave...

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Polar (UK)

There are at least seven artists named Polar:

1) Polar (aka Polar.) is a hardcore / metalcore band from Guildford, UK, which formed toward the end of 2009. Members include: Adam Woodford (vocals), Fabian Lomas (guitar), Max O'Neill (guitar), Rick Keenan (bass) and Nick Jones (drums). They débuted with EP This Polar Noise (Feb 2011, A Wolf at Your Door), followed by album Iron Lungs (May 2012, A Wolf At Your Door). Their latest is single Inspire Create Destroy (May 2013, self-release).
They have gigged their hardcore punk / rock n roll fusion nationwide, leaving a lasting impression on audiences, with their vicious and exhilarating live shows.
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2) Polar is th...

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Palm Reader (UK)

There are two bands under the name Palm Reader:

1. A post-punk band from Orange County, CA, formed in 2008.

Big Joy Records
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2. A hardcore punk band from Woking, UK, who released their debut EP in 2012 and a debut album, Bad Weather, in May 2013.

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