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Adam Tensta

Adam Momodou Eriksson Taal (born August 1, 1983 in Stockholm, Sweden), better known by his stage name Adam Tensta, is a Swedish Grammis award winning rapper and actor. He released his debut album, It's a Tensta Thing, in 2007 and it featured appearances from fellow Swedish MCs Eboi, Nitti Gritti and Isay. Tensta has never smoked, drank alcohol or done drugs. He strives to be a good role model and is a representative of “A Non Smoking Generation” and an ambassador for the Swedish chapter of Save the Children.

Remember the days when rap music had something to say? A political statement cushioned by a phat track was the order of the day. Much of today´s hiphop is like poor man´s soup: lyrically, no real substance -- just a whole...

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Kanyi, an emcee who rhymes in her mother tongue - Xhosa, began performing at open mic sets around Cape Town from 2002. Rated as one of the formidable lyricists coming from the Cape, Hype magazine, South Africa’s leading Hip Hop magazine placed Kanyi at the number 5 spot of Hype’s Unsigned Top 5. Since then she has shared the stage with international hip hop artist, Bahamadia and was part of the Hip Hop Connected production in 2008. Performing alongside Rus Nerwich and the Collective Imagination, Kanyi opened for Mos Def at the 2009 Cape Town International Jazz Festival. Kanyi’s music is relevant to the South African market as it focuses on social issues while her rhyme delivery, wordplay and killer flows make her a skilled emcee.
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*Trainspotters consists of George Kaplan, born 1988 and Rewind, born 1986. Through gigs in cities such as New York, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki, as well as major festivals, these two are experienced and ready to take what 2009 has to offer.

The distribution is mainly handled by iTunes Music Store, but still over 5 000 12" vinyls, DVDs, CDs and cassettes have been circulating the globe the last couple of years. The copies not sold out can be found in stores in Tokyo, Boston, London and Berlin, to name a few.

Trainspotters label and crew Random Bastards recently hooked up with producer Academics, whose funky sound could first be heard on last year's EP Rewind & Kap. This year they're taking the group's music to the ...

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