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Psychedelic Sounds of The North

The Wands (US)

1 ) The Wands is a new Copenhagen-based psych and garage act.

2 )Amy and Michelle originally had the idea to write about AP World History (their form of studying) when Amy introduced Michelle to wizard rock. Their educational music path then ventured towards literacy. Their first plan was to be Hermione and the Grangers, but after hearing The Hermione Crookshanks Experience, had to change this idea. After much deliberation and thought, they decided on The Wands. Within a week they had created their Myspace profile, and two weeks later their first song was online.
They have released four songs on Myspace, and have also created a side project named The Literatures, branching off the subject of Harry Potter and singing about...

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The Orange Revival

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Electric Eye (NO)

January, 2015: A new year’s hurricane is ravaging Bergen. Its aftermath rips and tears into the Western Norwegian town for a week. In Broen Studio, where Electric Eye are plugged in, the walls constantly shake from lightning, thunder, violent downpours and wind. It probably isn’t a coincidence that “Different Sun”, album number two from the quartet, is a record full of fickle and dramatic energy. It’s veritably crackling from fuzz guitars and psychedelic organs. Electric Eyehave definitely landed. In the eye of the hurricane.

Through 40 minutes the listener is this time taken on seven journeys, all drenched in tape echo, sitar sounds, backwards guitar solos, bongos and monotonous fuzz bass. A dynamic rollercoaster where the l...

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