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Regina (FI)

There are at least six artists named "Regina":
1. A Finnish indie pop band
2. A Bosnian pop-rock band (also known as Grupa Regina)
3. A Dance music artist, Regina Aparecida Saraiva
4. A Dance music singer Regina Richards from New York,
5. An Ethno-pop singer Regina from Slovenia,
6. A Danish children's artist.
7. An Indonesian Idol winner of season 7 (Should Refer to Regina Ivanova)

1. Regina is a Finnish indie pop band, made up by Iisa Pykäri (ex-Pajula) (vocals), Mikko Pykäri (bass, guitar and programming) and Mikko Rissanen (drums and percussion).

In 2005 Regina released their highly acclaimed debut album Katso maisemaa released by a Finnish label Next Big Thing, and was chos...

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