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R.A The Rugged Man (US)

R.A the Rugged Man is one of the overlooked MCs of hip-hop's golden age. In the early 90s he worked with among others Notorious B.I.G. and Tragedy Khadafi, but after several unproductive years at Jive Records he was dropped without having released any material.

The following period in R.A's life was characterized by his mental disease and his life as a homeless bum. These experiences has later been exploited in his music in very comical ways, and has made him an entertaining individual.

In 2004 he finally released his debut album "Die, Rugged Man, Die" on Nature Sounds. The album featured the skills of Killah Priest, Masta Killa, Timbo King and J-Zone and was an extremely entertaining epos from a bitter, mentally di...

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