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The Quill

There are at least three artists whose tracks lead to this profile:

1) Mighty Heavy rock, with Bluesy "Stoner" influences.

The Quill was formed in the early -90s in Sweden.

The original Lineup was formed by singer Magnus Ekwall, guitarist Christian Carlsson, drummer George Atlagic, Anders Haglund on Keyboard/Hammond and original bassist Peter Holm.
The lineup has changed a few times over the years with new bassplayers, and since 1997 Anders decided to leave. From that point the band have been a foursome and the current bassplayer is Robert Triches.

In their sound, which could be described as a modern 70's, one can find influences of bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin


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Some Kind of Syndrome

In Spite


Defueld is a five-piece band from Stockholm, Sweden. The music can be described as a mix of contemporary metal and heavy rock with an emphasis on strong melodies, vocal harmonies and heavy grooves.

In November of 2007 they went on tour in Senegal, Africa, performing for more than 6000 people in the suburbs of Dakar. Invited by African promoters, Defueld also held workshops and clinics with famous African artists resulting in a crossbreed of Metal and Senegalese Hip-hop, which came to be known as Hip-Rock. The event got huge attention and was embraced by the national media, calling Defueld’s visit one of the biggest things to happen in the Senegalese music scene in the last 20 years. Additional shows were also performed in fron...

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