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Bring it out- En tribute till Peace and Love

Kristal and Jonny Boy

KRISTAL AND JONNY BOY is a Swedish pop duo.
Consisting of Kristina Hanses -voice and Jonny Eriksson - guitar and drum-machines.
Their songs range from happy-naive to mystic-melancholic and their musical philosophy and their individual expression combine acoustic singer-songwriter styles with electronic elements and dancing.
Always interspersed with the unexpected - creative sound ideas and spontaneous vocal experiments and dance moves.
Some lyrics are a figment of poetic imagination, while some words draw a very realistic picture of Kristina´s being, turning her inside out.

Jonny neither thinks, composes nor lives in just one direction, but in many directions and its extensions. He is not only a guitar play...

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Deli Basis


Riff Knives

Stockholm, Sweden (2008-present)

Riff Knives is a rap/rock/funk sextet from Stockholm, Sweden.

On February 12th 2010 Riff Knives' first EP, called Rattle For Fame EP, was digitally released through The EP contains five songs and is recognizably inspired by Rap/Funk/Rock act N*E*R*D as well as prominent swedish Hip Hop acts such as Looptroop and Infinite Mass, fused with a Rock/Metal sound like that of Rage Against the Machine and early Linkin Park.

On December 1 2010, Riff Knives announced their second release, Ape Flip EP. Release date is March 9 2011. On February 2 2011 the first single, conveniently called Single, was released digitally though Myspace, Youtube and the band's websit...

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Good Harvest

Good Harvest is Swedish duo Hanna Enlöf and Ylva Eriksson. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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